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Intestinal Bacteria Affect Weight Loss

Intestinal Bacteria Affect Weight Loss
Several studies have found an association with obesity intestinal bacteria. Researchers said that human gut microbes that make a home they may play a role in body weight, metabolism, and even cholesterol. Then, how gut bacteria affect our weight?
Human gut is home to millions of microorganisms, collectively referred to as "gut flora" or "gut microbiota", which coexist with us and help digest food even play a role in reducing inflammation, prevent heart disease, and maintaining digestive health.
With this research also found that the composition of the intestinal flora, including the type and concentration of intestinal bacteria in the intestines of each person, can influence a person to disease, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Relations with the weight of bacteria found in the study in the Netherlands, where the researchers identified 34 species of bacteria that contribute to differences in BMI (body mass index).
The conclusion was 4.6% of the variance in body fat (BMI) can be traced to the influence of gut bacteria.
Patricia I. Ojeda, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Fellow at the University of Chicago, has studied this topic in depth and also mention, that we should be aware of any food that goes into the stomach, will change the bacteria in the intestines and that is the way the body processes food ,
Ojeda also said, the bacteria in the gut plays a role in the metabolism of the body, because some set of energy extraction from our diet.
Intestinal bacteria can regulate the breakdown of foods, including how the body processes carbohydrates, sugar and fat foods.
Intestinal bacteria also associated with intestinal hormones, which regulate appetite and how quickly or slowly eat moves through the intestines.
In conjunction with obesity, researchers are finding out various intestinal bacterial effects on metabolic processes, which lead to breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of obesity.
According to Ojeda, the next few years, scientists must offer innovative advancements in health by altering the intestinal microbiota.

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