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Sleepy After Lunch? Hmm, Could Be This Cause

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Sleepy After Lunch? Hmm, Could Be This Cause


Jakarta, The problem that often arises after lunch is drowsiness. This certainly disrupts one's activity. Hmm, then what's the cause? If it's over lunch then feel sleepy or weak it means not fit. Remember, fit and healthy is different, says Dr. dr Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK (K) from MRCCC Siloam Hospital.dr Samuel says fit is a condition in which a person feels active in the daytime until the evening. How to get fit and healthy body, according to Dr. Samuel is to eat a healthy diet. Then think healthy because then stress can be controlled.Read too: Often Drowsy After Lunch? Maybe This Cause Rest healthy means to have to sleep quite a minimum of six hours and a maximum of eight hours. Then a healthy activity that is a lot of moving and regular exercise, added the doctor born in 1958 ini.Selain, Dr. Samuel also add tips for choosing foods that is by adjusting the amount as needed. Then choose a complete type of food consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber (fiber). Also read: Tips To Be So Easy Sleepy After LunchSimak is also the cause of sleepiness after lunch, in the following Fun Fact video:




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