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Pregnant Women Often Drinking Coffee At Risk With Children Leukemia

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Pregnant Women Often Drinking Coffee At Risk With Children Leukemia


Jakarta, Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning may be a regular routine you do. Beyond that, the time began to feel sleepy, coffee often make a 'weapon' to counter it. Enjoy a cup of coffee is indeed delicious taste-it feels. But for you pregnant women, need a standby on excessive coffee consumption. Because according to research, consumption of two cups of coffee / day of pregnancy can increase the risk of leukemia in their children. Summarized from various sources, Wednesday (8/20/2014). Babies whose mothers drink 2 cups of coffee in a day have a risk of 60% childbearing with leukemia in the future. The study found, caffeine can change DNA (Deozyribo Nucleic Acid) in fetal cells so more prone to tumor changes. From the results of research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, obtained data that women who consume a cup of coffee in one day have 20% risk to have children with leukemia. However, if they consume more than two glasses, the risk will also grow to 60%. To consume more than four glasses will also increase to 72%. About 500 children are diagnosed with leukemia in America. During this cancer is the most problems that often occur in children. Fortunately, this disease can be detected from the beginning and can be done chemotherapy quickly until patients who can survive from this cancer can reach 80%. Today, coffee consumption is a common thing done by British citizens. Because many coffee outlets that offer a variety of menu has a basic coffee ingredients make coffee routines so popular. Despite the risks, the odds are still small and there is strong evidence to show intertwining of coffee consumption by pregnant women with leukemia in their children. For this reason Tory MP Andrew Percy of the Commons Health Select Committee mentions if not to worry about the results of this research. "" Requires strong findings that show ties to drinking maternity coffee with leukemia. With that, the provisions on women in coffee consumption can be given until they can choose whether to also drink it or not, "" said Percy. (up / up)



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